Social Media Funnel and it’s untold stories

What is a Social Media Funnel?

This is the simple social media funnel and when it comes to social media you may all think of Facebook, YouTube, Whatsapp, Messenger, Instagram , Twitter etc. Of course these are the main pillars of social media and these drive a considerable amount of crowd to targeted destinations. There are more than 65 million businesses using Facebook Pages and more than six million advertisers on Facebook.

But still, all these media are again considered as mind distraction points. These distract our mind from the on-going problems and we can check up on our friends or relations of what they are doing or what’s happening around the world etc.

So when there is an advertisement on facebook and another picture of a friend of yours enjoying , which one would you rather look at?

Most would say it’s the friend’s.

So that means you are utterly distracted whatever the advertisement is about. There should be a way of attracting the sole attention of your customers.

This is where Emails pop up. Emailing was a professional way of communication years back.

But now, with the latest productivity tools, Emails also can be considered as a kind of social media. Theoretically, it is a (social) media.

Emailing for the sake of social media funnel usage is not a very populated topic, but the points you can take from it, is very important.

Let’s think of a scenario where you are an entrepreneur or a sales related person and needs to promote the brand / product or a particular service to retain clients or new clients.

How do you do it?

Well, there are 2 ways regarding Emailing for how this works.

  1. With an Email list
  2. Do not have any targeted Email list
  3. Say you have a huge list of unused Emails. What would you do?

These emails you have can be addressed as targeted leads. So these targeted leads must be very specific and verified as we are about to put an effective effort on that.

So the first step is to verify the targeted lead’s email list you have. For this you may use any accurate online tool such as etc.

Upload your list and verify them so your mails won’t bounce back.

Now you have a verified list of targeted leads. Now what?

A very important thing to remember is that you should not send mail at once to all of these. You might get black listed at the end.

So what we can do now is to create a campaign with these Emails. For this, we can use any of the tools you have known this far such as Facebook, Mailchimp, Mailgun, Gist, Sendloop, etc.

If you need to implement this is facebook, you can create a custom audience and then you can upload the email list we’ve got.

Keep in mind to not to do any sales in this first time period. What we need to focus here is the first stage of the social media funnel, Awareness.

So keep alive with Awareness. Just make a link to your blog or website.

Inform the customer about your new invention in a short and attractive way. Grab his attention but do not frustrate him with any unknown or unwanted sale.

Now since you have given a hint of yours to your targeted leads, you can separate your huge email list to mini pieces. Do not overdo the same strategy or spam your clients.

For this, set them apart into different listings.

Eg: Your Email list consists of 10,000 emails. Divide them into 5 groups each consisting of 2000 emails.

Send 2000 mails with the use of your favourite Email Service with professional information.

Now you can try another 2000 with some other strategy, and the next batch with something different. But keep in mind that, people don’t know you. So do not let them frustrate you with your emails. Be strategic and diplomatic.

Say you are using MailChimp. Mailchimp provides you many facilities.

Once you add a subscriber (Email address) , you can send him an Email and then another one after a week and then another reminder next month.

Once you add your Email subscribers list, you can add triggers. That means actions.

Eg: This trigger can be simply as a welcome message then after 7 days of joining another one etc.

Or a trigger can be anything such as

  • Previous Email sent
  • Previous Email opened
  • Previous Email not opened
  • Previous Email clicked etc

Set the flow with different triggers.

This strategy can be used with your target leads. You have sent a first introductory Email and after a week or two you can plan another mail campaign as the first step of the selling. So that’s the creation of Interest and consideration, second and third stages of the funnel.

When you create a campaign with Mailchimp, you can add A|B test to those. So you can know which type of campaign is best for your target audience.

This is for the peeps who have a mailing list already. But there might be people who do not have this list of targeted leads for the awareness campaign.

  1. Do not have any targeted Email list

What can these people do? How to have a big list of emails?

They can create a first rate email list with a use of few strategies.

  1. You can use Twitter for this. Search “@gmail,com”.

This will provide you a visible number of email addresses.

  1. Buy Email listings
  2. Dig a particular website, inspect it at page source and look for email addresses.

You may use a web scraper tool for this domain extraction. Extract the domain data and paste them into an Excel sheet. Filter the emails from the file.

However, you need to verify your email list and continue the previous steps. That’s it as the basic usage of Emails in Social Media Funnel.

Let’s meet again with advanced social media funnel discussion.

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